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Annual registration fee is $45 for All students. $60 discount registration fee for 2 children in the same family. The registration fee is non-refundable.

No refunds or credits are given for missed classes. Students need to notify the office by calling 614-841-9399 before classes are missed to arrange a make-up class. All make-up class must be taken within 4 weeks. The credit or refund only given to if the student (with Doctors Note) has a serious injury and hospitalize which requires a need to stop dancing for 4-6 weeks.

Three weeks written notice must be given to CCBS’ director, Ms Shir Lee Wu, office before withdrawal from the program. A refund is applicable 3 weeks from the date of received notice. International Dance Students, please see your Handbook.

All new students, 10 years and up, with previous dance training, must take a placement class to determine the appropriate class level. The Artistic Director and faculty reserve all rights for the final decision on placement and level. International Students, please see your Handbook.

All students are expected to attend 90% of assigned classes given within their level. Students should arrive 20 minutes before class in order to start to warm up their body and muscles for the prevention of injury. Faculty will take attendance at each class. Please call the school if you are going to be late for class. International Students, please see your Handbook.

Students must wear assigned proper class leotard and follow the dress code for all classes. Having clear lines will assist the instructor in seeing students’ dance movement and allow them to correct bad habits. Basic leotards and tights may be purchased at the CCBS in-house boutique. International students, please see your Handbook.

Lockers are available for $5 per month. CCBS is not responsible for your personal items, lost or property damaged.

For cancellation of classes due to bad weather, please watch Channel 6 WSYX or Channel 10 WBNS for up-to-date school closing information or call the office at 614-841-9399, facebook or announcement on CCBS website.

CCBS is not responsible for student injury or sickness during or after the class at the studio.

Parents are encouraged to observe classes for the last 25 minutes at the end of each month.

CCBS offers private coaching class at $75 per hour. The students will need to make a request to the artistic director Shir Lee Wu, and she will assign the instructor to you. Students are not allowed to approach the instructor, reserve the studio space, and arrange private coaching without consulting with the artistic director

CCBS asks that all parents pick up their children on time. When you drop off your child, please make sure that she/he enters the building.

We expect all our students to be polite and respect each others dancing. Students need to respect all teachers and parents in the school. The students need to throw trash in trash cans. Please treat our facility like a special place for all.

All parents are required to fill up current email address on the registration form.  Parents asked to use email for the communication with the school director, NO phone call.  Parents should not speak with your child instructor to discuss our child class evaluation. casting concern and engage a private lesson/coaching.  All communication should send an email directly to the school director at:

We are encourage parents to joint the CCBSC's parents volunteer group and sign up 1-2 volunteer category during the production season and recital.  Our organization need your support to be successful. For the volunteer family will receive 10% discount toward the production fee.

Students who arrive 15 minutes late after the class start may asks by the teacher to warm up in other class room, you will need to have your teacher permission to return to take class.  No Cell phone allow take in to the class room.
We are encourage the student can come to class to observe and to bring a note book during the injury , student should take notes for  correction and class combination, this way the student still can learn and get inspire during the injury healing.

Please pick up your child on time and drop off 20 minutes before class start.  The school faculty is not responsible to stay and watch the child longer then 20 min.