Dress Code
All female ballet students need to wear clean pink tights and pink split sole ballet shoes. Tights should not have runs or tears. No baggy pants or T-shirts are allowed in class. No crop tops. We encourage you to wear a professional warm-up dance sweater and leg warmers if needed. Many of these items can be found at the local dance store or online at various retailers. Boys wear white fitted T-shirts, dance belt (if applicable), black footed men's tights or fitted black shorts with white or black socks, and black ballet shoes.

All ballet studentsí long hair must be worn in a classical bun with bangs neatly pinned back. Hair spray or gel encouraged for fly aways.
girls in ballet class
Leotard Brand: Wear Moi  / Pink Tight & Pink Ballet Shoes / Pilates Mat Work: Any Color
Pre Ballet
Pink Leotard with Attach Skirt
Primary Ballet
Emeraude: Sky
Ballet 1A
Emeraude: Rose
Ballet 4A
Emeraude: Fuchsia
Primary Ballet/Tap
Any Color
Pre Professional 4
Emeraude: Pacific / Abbie: Rose
Custom Made Matching Skirt: Rose
Ballet Conservatory
Abbie: French Blue
Titania: Dark Gray
Custom Made Matching Skirt: Dark Gray
Tap & Contemporary
Any Color
Modern/Contemporary,  Stretch Class, Ad
Any solid color / Adult Black Leotard