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Ballet Coaching with Shir Lee Wu
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Welcome to Columbus City Ballet Virtual Ballet Classes

Due to the pandemic, the CCS building
was sold to other industry supplement company last week and I have transform my school to "Ballet Coaching With Shir Lee Wu". 

We are now set to a studio space and now virtual zoom class and private lesson only.

Shir Lee Wu's classical coaching is designed for training and mentoring the serious and motivated pre professional students ages 7-18 to have the opportunity to coach by nationally and internationally well respect master ballet teacher/coach Ms. Wu.  The student will give one-on -one attention and details instruction to refine their ballet technique, artistry and musicality.

Ms Wu receive 3 times "Outstanding Teacher Awarded" with Youth American Grand Prix.  2 times “Best School Awarded" and Artist Teacher Award from the The School of Dance of Chautauqua Institute.  Ms Wu also is the judge for the Taiwan Young Stars Ballet Competition.

Classical coaching is the next level of polishing effort for serious ballet student. 

The private coaching /lesson is customized for individual student.
• Ballet competitions and YAGP 
• Classical solo variation coaching
• Audition videotaping and audition prep
• Pointe work instruction
• College audition prep
• Improve flexibility as well as strengthening 
• Rehabilitation after injury
• Simply to improve the ballet technique, pirouette and others
Achievement after classical coaching
with Ms Shir Lee Wu

Leslie Rausch
- Finalist in Concord de Dance de Paris in 1998, fill scholarship to Pacific North West Ballet School, currently principal ballerina of Pacific North west Ballet

Courtney Muscroft
- Gold medal award in 2003 Youth American Grand , junior division in NY final, former dancer with New York City Ballet

Miranda Giles
- 2 times Hope Award in pre competitive division in 2007, 2008 YAGP Chicago.  Currently dancer with California Ballet in San Diego.

Shelby Elsbree
- NY Finalist in YAGP 2004, scholarship to School of American Ballet, former dancer with Boston Ballet

Cindy Chang
- Scholarship to Julliard School in NY, former dancer with Broadway "King and I" and " Madam Butterfly"

Jill Schwab
- former dancer with Sarasota Ballet, 3rd price winner in junior division in 2000 YAGP Chicago

Lexi Ult
- 2nd  and 3rd place winner in YAGP 2018, 2019 in Pittsburg, full scholarship to Houston Ballet Academy Summer Intensive 2019.

Many other Ms Wu students has been place in the Junior and senior division top 12 in the YAGP in the past 20 years.

4:30-6:00 Pre professional level 7/6 Technique
6:10-7:10 Pre professional 7/6 Pointe

4:45-6:15 Pre professional 1 Technique
6:20-7:20 Ballet 2A/3A
7:25-8:10 Pre professional  1 Beg Pointe/Pre Pointe

4:45-6:15  Pre professional 1 Technique
6:30-7:30 Adult Ballet

9:30-11:30  Pre professional  7/6 Tecnique
11:45-12:45 Pre professional  7/6 Flexibility
12:50-1:50  Contemporary Dance
9:45-11:15  Pre professional  1 Technique
11:20-12:20 Ballet 2A/3A
11:25-1:25   Pre professional 1Beg Pointe/Pre Pointe

1 Hour Class $50 per month, 4 classes
1 Hours 1/2 Class $ 60 per month, 4 classes
2 Hours Class $ $76 per month, 4 classes

Private in person lesson schedule/tuition
Tuesday  3:15-4:30. $80 for each lesson
Wednesday 4:45-6:00. $80 for each lesson

Semi - Private 2 Students in the in person class/tuition
$40 for each student for 1 hour 15 min class

Private in person coaching for competition variation and correction
Saturday 11:45-12:15 45 min. $85 per season
Private coaching in virtual Zoom class : $75 per season

Contact Information
Call: 614-593-5830
dancer dress code

All female ballet students need to wear clean pink tights and pink split sole ballet shoes. Tights should not have runs or tears. No baggy pants or T-shirts are allowed in class. No crop tops. We encourage you to wear a professional warm-up dance sweater and leg warmers if needed. Many of these items can be found at the local dance store or online at various retailers. Boys wear white fitted T-shirts, dance belt (if applicable), black footed men's tights or fitted black shorts with white or black socks, and black ballet shoes.

All ballet students’ long hair must be worn in a classical bun with bangs neatly pinned back. Hair spray or gel encouraged for fly aways.


Leotard Brand: Wear Moi  / Pink Tight & Pink Ballet Shoes

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